Our Products and Services

In addition to offering smart glass, we also install smart film, a self-adhesive film that turns existing or new glass surfaces into smart glass. The smart film can be switched from being clear to opaque, effectively acting as an electronic blind to provide privacy and security. We install our products in the following applications:

Residential Settings

Our switchable glass technology can act as a room partition for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and other rooms in the house. We also install smart glass and smart film in windows and skylights. As a unique home decorating idea, we also install doors made with smart glass.

Commercial Spaces

Our switchable glass and smart film provide a distinctive and functional touch to business and commercial spaces such as offices, hotels and restaurants. Smart film can be installed on the glass walls of conference rooms and turned on or off to provide privacy during meetings.    

Retail Applications

Our switchable glass is ideal for use with digital advertisements, since in clear mode it provides an excellent surface for projecting videos and still images.

Healthcare Applications

Our switchable glass can be used to create partitions that are clear during the day or when the patient is being monitored, and opaque at night to provide privacy. Smart glass surfaces are also easily cleaned and disinfected, helping to prevent the spread of infections.

What some of our customers say about us:

We are so happy with the Privacy Glass supplied to us by Switchable Glass Dubai. The Glass has given a unique look to our Office, will recommend to everyone !
Mr. Mark From Royal Movers LLC

Switchable glass has helped impress our clients by giving our offices a distinctive and unique look. We are easily able to turn glass walls into privacy partitions at the touch of a button! It has also helped us cut down our energy bills."
Harvey Hill - Homeowner in Downtown Dubai

We were looking for smart films for our new office in Business Bay, we got Quotation from different companies but we finalized the deal with Switchable Glass Dubai. The price was quite reasonable and service was excellent !
Muhmad Umar, from AAA Associates – Citizenship by Investment Company